Friday, June 8, 2012

Good Reads Review - The Flamingo Rising

The Flamingo Rising (Ballantine Reader's Circle)The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book really pulled me in and kept me engaged until the end. The two things that stood out to me in this book were the characters and timeline and its use as a heavy-handed foreshadowing device. Having gotten to the end of the book and the pivotal scene that most of the foreshadowing was leading up to, I felt the unusual device was warranted and lent to the emotional impact of the scene in a needful way. All of the characters were fleshed out with deep backgrounds and personal motivations that were mostly hinted at but few were completely revealed. As this was written from a first person perspective, it makes sense that the reader could only really know the narrator's mind, but the author set the conditions that you really wanted to know everyone's motivations. By the end, you were left with only a hint of the source of most of the character's defining personality traits and flaws, but much of what you understand about them comes only from your own intuition about small hints and seemingly unimportant moments glimpsed throughout the book. The book left me wondering about many of these characters' continuing lives but also satisfied with what I knew.

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