Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ensconced in YA: International Giveaway of The Intern's Tale by Sha...

Listen up, imaginary followers!  Christina at Ensconced in YA is holding a mega-giveaway.  She's got a copy of Veronica Roth's sequel to Divergent, the much anticipated Insurgent.  This is the must-read book of the summer.  My YA novel, The Intern's Tale is also included in the drawing, so with either one, you're going to be up all night reading.  That's two chances to win with just one entry.  Where else can you get these kinds of results just by clicking a mouse button a few times?  So get on over to Ensconced in YA, check out the amazing site, and get in on all the book giveaway goodness.  Then come back here and say "Hey, thanks, Shawn.  That was awesome sauce.  You're the man."

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  1. Shawn: Just a clarification-- there will be two winners-- one will get your book and the other will get Insurgent! :-) Figured why not spread the love since we are shipping them separately anyway!