Friday, July 6, 2012

Feature and Follow

I'm going to stumble my way through my first Blog hop.  I will be stepping on toes, I guarantee.  I think I'm supposed to answer the question below and then go make friends on blogs on the Hop list.  If you find this and see some major wrongness with it, please give me some tips. 

Q: Jumping Genres: Ever pick up a book from a genre you usually don’t like and LOVE it? Tell us about it and why you picked it up in the first place.

I read Water For Elephants after my wife recommended it, having read it for a book club.  I was knee-deep in YA titles at the time, as that's what I write, and I really fell for this story set in the Great Depression about circus folk and a big, gray, pachyderm.  The back and forth between present day and the past was handled well, and the ending of the story was actually revealed in the first few pages, though done in a clever way that left me going back and reading that opening scene again with new eyes. 

I think it's great to get out of our genre of choice.  It's like putting on a different pair of shoes.  You can't play soccer in high heels, and you can't dance the tango in cleats.

Water for Elephants is a great example of me putting on cleats.  Wait, that would mean I'm usually in heels.  Whatever.  A great read that opened me up to other books in the process. 


  1. I actually haven't read Water for Elephants yet, because I've seen the movie. I don't like to compare books and movies, so I'm waiting to forget the movie :D

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  2. Shawn: You are branching out!! Good for you! This is my first time at this blog hop as well. I still need to read that book. Can't wait for your giveaway on Monday!

    Ensconced in YA

  3. You're a trailblazer! You've definitely mastered this blogging thing. I am but a Padawan.

  4. "Water For Elephants" has never been on my TBR list but I've been hearing good things about it. Hmm.... maybe time to reconsider.

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  5. Hopping through. New follower! Welcome to the FF. I loved Water For Elephants. My dad did too :-)
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  6. I so need to read Water for Elephants!

    Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am a new follower :) Welcome to Follow Friday!!

  7. I have heard good reviews for Water for Elephants but haven't got the time to read it yet since I'm drowning with my TBR list. Maybe this is the time to read it. :)

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  8. Hiya! New follower here, hooray!
    I started this one and really loved it and then I made the mistake of seeing the film, and once I've done that, a book is pretty much ruined for me! Curse that RPatz! I'll get back to it one day I'm sure!
    Anyway, just stopping through with My FF!
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  10. I wanted to see the movie of this and never did. I should put it in my netflix queue!

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  11. Shawn: We're already getting some traffic! Woot woot! :-)

  12. This has been on TBR forever, I really need to read it! I'd first heard about it when it was being pubbed since it started as a NaNo novel, and I've always been curious. I'm glad to hear that it worked out for you...maybe this'll be next for me since I'm pretty immersed into YA right now, too.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Really need to read that, loved the movie. New follower :) You can find my FF Here. Have a great weekend!
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  14. Shawn: wanted to let you know that I posted your interview early, come take a look! :-)

    1. I sent out an invitation to my goodread friends. Let's see what shakes out.

  15. I love your shoe analogy! That's so creative and a very valid point as well. I'd love to try reading that book as well! It definitely would be something out of my norm!
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