Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Your Brain On...

Anybody remember this PSA?
Your Brain On the Business of Writing:

You need to always be writing.  Write, write, write.  But also read everything that’s out there, especially in your genre, but also everything else.  Write something that you can compare to marketable works in your field, but break new ground, but also have an established audience.  Where’s your platform, your website?  Why haven’t you twittered in the past hour, how’s your blog doing?  What the hell is your page hit count! 

And don’t forget to know everything about the agents you’re querying.  Appeal to their personal tastes, but don’t be stalker-ish, like you know them too well.   Use your own voice in your query letter, but keep it professional and short and memorable, but not gimmicky.  Also, don’t quit your day job.  So slave away all day then do all this other stuff at night.  Don’t neglect your family! 

Geez, why can’t you just invent more time?

Your Brain On Drugs:


Your Brain While Actually Writing:

Wow, I didn’t know that about myself.    This part really reflects me.  A me I don’t let the world always see. 

I’d love to go there, maybe I’ll plan a trip.  Until I can, I’ll just populate it with all of my creativity and imagination.  I haven’t used those things since I was a kid. 

I really feel for this character.  This person is real to me now, like a literary velveteen rabbit.  What I do in this next chapter really matters.  Maybe someone will be moved by it, or inspired.

This is what I’m supposed to be doing.

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